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Oct 18, 2018

The Jewish values of prolonging life, but not prolonging suffering come face to face with modern technologies such as artificial nutrition, hydration, and intubation. In this episode, a rabbi, doctor, social worker, and biomedical ethicist discuss the ways they help patients and families navigate the difficult issues that arise toward the end of life.

Produced and Edited by Lisa M. Gray

Produced by Jon Kalish

Additional Production by Kevin Huffman and Karen Michel

Music by Eyal Talmudi Quintet, Jessica Lurie, Brett Higgins’ Atlas Revolt, John Lee, Sandcatchers, and The Modulators. Courtesy of Chant Records

Rabbi Jason Weiner, Senior Rabbi and Director of the Spiritual Care Department, Cedars-Sinai.

Ira Bedzow, Ph.D., Director of the Biomedical Ethics and Humanities Program at New York Medical College. Senior Scholar, The Aspen Center for Social Values

Adam Schoenfarber, Social Worker Manager with MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care.

Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter, MD, MPH, is a national advocate for transforming the way people die in America.

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